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We dream big for our patients here at Liberty Pain Associates. Liberty Pain Associates was designed with you in mind. Our promise is to offer comprehensive and personalized care for those with discomfort, injury, or any physical limitation. During your visit, you will be heard, your images reviewed, and any additional tests that may help find the reason for your pain will be recommended. Then a precise, accurate diagnosis is found that lends to effective treatment.
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About Our Practice

Liberty Pain Associates is an interventional pain management facility with two convenient locations in Flower Mound and Fort Worth, Texas. Board-Certified and Fellowship-Trained Pain Management Specialist, Sathya Bhandari, MD, provides compassionate patient care for chronic pain conditions, like arthritis, neuropathy, and sciatica.

With extensive experience in all areas of pain management, Dr. Bhandari takes a holistic approach to care at Liberty Pain Associates. She considers each patient’s medical history, past treatments, and specific lifestyle before recommending treatment plans.

Dr. Bhandari stays current with the latest techniques in pain management. She performs peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) and spinal cord stimulation (SCS) from the trial period through permanent placement and lifelong management.

At Liberty Pain Associates, Dr. Bhandari always wishes the best for her patients and specializes in restorative medicine to offer as many treatment options as possible. The practice is also home to advanced diagnostic tools like electromyography (EMG), which allows Dr. Bhandari to perform guided injections for lasting pain relief.

To find effective treatments for chronic spine (back/neck), headache, knee, or other joint pain call Liberty Pain Associates or schedule an appointment online today.

What to expect from a visit at Liberty Pain Associates
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One of 7 elite college students to be accepted into the Rutgers U/RWJMS joint BS/MD accelerated 7 year program. Arnold P Gold Honor Society for Humanistic Medicine, BEST OF Living Magazine Flower Mound Regenerative Medicine and Pain Medicine, D best since 2016, Finalist for Denton Best.
Dr. Sathya Bhandari, MD took an interest in regenerative medicine in 2012 when she started treating patients with recurrent tendon injuries. Even though the current treatment helped, it did so for a short period of time and eventually led the patient to surgery. After extensive research and studying, Dr. Bhandari began using regenerative medicine in her practice. Her results were mirroring what the researchers were seeing. In 2017, she established Liberty Regenerative Therapeutics. Dr. Bhandari believes that regenerative medicine, which makes it possible to actually repair diseased, injured or congenitally defective tissues will be a vital component of medicine in the coming years. 

Liberty Regenerative Therapeutics was established to harness your natural potential to heal and Dr. Bhandari is transforming people's lives, one injection at a time.

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Client Testimonials

Everyone was especially helpful & answering questions or explaining what was going to happen during the procedure.

Bette W. | Jun 03, 2023
Excellent Care

Paul L. | May 31, 2023
I came in for a consultation for relief from Plantar Facsiitus. Dr. Bhandari is extremely knowledgeable about any and all treatments for this. Dr. Bhandari and ALL her staff are very pleasant, efficient, and very comforting in the performance of their jobs. I was very comfortable in their facility and felt I could ask any and all questions of anyone there. I would highly recommend Dr. Bhandari’s practice to anyone seeking pain relief.

Patti W. | May 30, 2023
Great office great doctor.

Teresa R. | May 29, 2023
I was very nervous about having a nerve study done because I had been told it would hurt. I was extremely happy to find out that it didn't really hurt at all, and I know it was because of Dr. Bhandari! She was caring, concerned, professional, and a joy to have perform the study. She truly listened and explained everything! If I ever need pain services again, this is where I will go! I have recommended her to several people and will continue to do so.

Donna H. | Mar 15, 2023
Prompt, friendly and very thorough exam. Doctor did not act rush or that she was on to the next patient. It was like a doctors visit 50 years ago.

Robert M. | Dec 23, 2022
My chronic migraines with aura are under control for the first time in my life. Thank you, Dr. Bhandari!

Kari S. | Dec 23, 2022
Felt improvement day of treatment.

Paula S. | Dec 22, 2022
Top notch!! EXCELLENT!

Veronica M. | Dec 22, 2022
Dr Bhandari is always patient and listens to your concerns before making her diagnosis. She has taken care of my various pain issues over the years. I am forever grateful for her medical expertise.

Thomas D. | Dec 21, 2022
Dr Bhandari is the best!

Marie T. | Dec 21, 2022
Always a pleasure, and they are great at not keeping you waiting.

Rebecca C. | Dec 21, 2022
I love Dr. Bhandari! She is very compassionate and caring. She takes the time to explain things to you, offers options, and truly acts like a member of my health care team and not an authoritarian figure. I love having her on my team and love the way she includes me in my health care decisions.

Gloria V. | Dec 17, 2022
Such a warm and professional office! The doctor listens, makes recommendations and, encourages. Just an overall caring experience.

Dianne R. | Dec 16, 2022
Dr BHANDARI is very caring and exceptionally knowledgeable. She will take very care of everyone. She and her staff “are the best”

Cynthia O. | Dec 15, 2022
The best and sweetest doctor I have used. So completely honest and always tries to find a solution to my pain.

Trudy Y. | Dec 15, 2022
pain full

Walter G. | Dec 14, 2022
This is one of the best experiences I have had with a Doctor and their staff very caring ,understanding and knowledgeable . I would Highly recommend Dr Bhandari and her staff .Thank you sincerely for taking care of my medical needs

Cynthia W. | Dec 14, 2022
Always do a great job. Doc is the best

Allen J. | Dec 13, 2022
Very professional and helpful

Kenneth C. | Dec 12, 2022
She was very thorough and listen to everything I told her. So very glad I could get in to see her. There is hope and free from PAIN!!

Shelby S. | Dec 09, 2022
Dr is very professional and cordial. Explained my issue clearly and discussed plan of action in detail.

Ronald S. | Dec 09, 2022
Kinda and extremely knowledgeable

Leigh R. | Dec 05, 2022
Dr BHANDARI is wonderful

Joel M. | Dec 05, 2022
Everyone is ready to help you and their very friendly.

Joyce M. | Dec 03, 2022
Dr.Bhandari is awesome she always makes me feel very comfortable, she is always concerned about my pain & is continuously guiding me in how to manage my sciatic pain the best way possible. I am also very thankful for Dr.Bhandari’s staff they are all very professional & always friendly making sure I’m scheduled ASAP & assuring that Auths are obtain & I appreciate each one of them! Most definitely 5 stars for Liberty Pain Associates! Thank you for everything!

Darla W. | Dec 03, 2022
Love Dr. Bhandari. All staff are kind and friendly.

Paula W. | Dec 03, 2022
Always the best bedside manner from Dr. And staff!

Marissa H. | Dec 02, 2022
Dr took time to understand my very complicated 14 year struggle. She is very through and educated me on options not yet considered. I appreciate her approach and intelligence.

Barry B. | Nov 23, 2022
The staff & Sr Bendari show sincere interest in my needs. The proceedure Went well & so far feels good.

Bette W. | Nov 22, 2022
Very professional. It’s great to have trust with your Dr. and their staff. Thank you so much!

Blanca B. | Nov 22, 2022
Love Dr. Bhandari! She’s amazing and really listens.

Christian W. | Nov 17, 2022
Dr. Bhandari is indeed a 5 Star doctor. She conveys confidence in prescribing treatment options along with recommendations. Her compassion is evident during any visit as she treats the person as an individual with multi-layered dimensions for an effective, healthy life.

Mark W. | Nov 16, 2022

James C. | Nov 12, 2022
My first and second appointment were very good. This is a very good doctor and to any future patients you will see what a state-of-the-art Pain Doctor is like when you choose Doctor Sathya Bhandari. I have been very happy and that I was blessed to have found her. Mark Clyce

Mark C. | Nov 11, 2022
Dr B. is so patient. She takes the time to explain what and why and she is extremely knowledgeable. Her staff is super friendly and helpful . Highly recommended!

Yvonne A. | Nov 10, 2022
Liberty is the best pain center I know of.

Robert T. | Nov 10, 2022
Every thing isgood the treatment seems to be workingo

Jean H. | Nov 10, 2022
Dr Bhandari and all the staff were wonderful.

Bonita M. | Nov 10, 2022

Martin J. | Oct 28, 2022
Dr. Bhandari’s practice is very professional and has helped me in all of my medical needs. In some cases above and beyond. She has recommended additional needs including physical therapy which is starting soon.

Richard R. | Oct 27, 2022
I have been a patient at Liberty Ain Associates for almost four years. Not only is Dr. Bhandari an exceptional doctor, her whole staff maintains the highest standards of care. I highly recommend.

Jacquelyn R. | Oct 26, 2022
I have full confidence is this practice and doctor.

Elizabeth H. | Oct 24, 2022
Everything was done with proficiency & graciously.

Bette W. | Oct 21, 2022
Great doctor and staff!

Shelley D. | Oct 21, 2022
Concerned about my situation and works with me to keep my pain in check

Shepperd H. | Oct 20, 2022
Excellent conversation, personable visit, with helpful recommendations for a pain injection to the spine.

Veronica M. | Oct 20, 2022
Dr. B is personable, informative and most helpful.

Veronica M. | Oct 20, 2022
Very helpful and listened to all my pain issues. I was very satisfied with my visit.

Debbra R. | Oct 18, 2022
Dr Bhandari is the best

Terry M. | Oct 17, 2022
easy to get appointment, doctor and staff very personable, no waiting regarding appointment time for doctor

Patricia B. | Oct 14, 2022
The doctor was great and so was the staff

Beverly D. | Oct 13, 2022

Robert O. | Oct 13, 2022

Lawrence D. | Oct 13, 2022
Doc B is the BEST most CARING Doc I've ever had. She listens then acts accordingly. She's for real.

Richard D. | Oct 13, 2022
staff always keeps me informed. Responds quickly when I call.

Brenda K. | Oct 06, 2022
Very efficient process. Dr. Bhandari is a very personable and knowledgeable doctor. She takes time to discuss your concerns and explains options to minimize your pain. I would highly recommend her for pain management.

Keith P. | Oct 06, 2022
Video Testimonials
A Pain Free Life Series: Testimonials

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We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.