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Headache pain can affect your quality of life and prevent you from enjoying your favorite activities. As a pain management specialist, Sathya Bhandari, MD, can target the root cause of ongoing headaches at Liberty Pain Associates in Flower Mound and Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Bhandari provides comprehensive headache treatments, including medication management, interventional solutions, and lifestyle recommendations. Call the nearest office today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

Headache Q&A

What is a headache?

A headache is a type of pain that begins in the head but can radiate through the face, neck, and shoulders. Without proper treatment, it can start to affect your work and school life. 

Many medical conditions and injuries can cause headache pain. Stress, lifestyle choices, and diet can also trigger a headache.

At Liberty Pain Associates, Dr. Bhandari understands how headaches may impact your quality of life and works with you to find effective relief. 

What are the different types of headaches?

Dr. Bhandari treats all types of headaches at Liberty Pain Associates, including:


A migraine is a neurological disease that causes intense throbbing, sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting, and other debilitating symptoms.

Cluster headache

Cluster headaches are the most severe type. They cause one-sided head pain that can wake you up in the middle of the night.

Occipital headache

An occipital headache begins when the occipital nerve becomes irritated. This inflammation can lead to throbbing and shock-like pain on the back part of your head, neck, and scalp.

Tension headache

Tension headaches feel like a band squeezing around your head. Pain typically affects the forehead, back of the head, and neck.

Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headaches are the result of chronic neck pain. A pinched nerve, muscle tension, or previous whiplash injury can cause pain that radiates from the neck through the back of the head.

Medication overuse headache

If you’ve taken medication for migraines for several years, stopping suddenly can cause rebound headaches.

Dr. Bhandari performs comprehensive testing, which includes a physical exam, bloodwork, and imaging scans, before recommending treatment for headaches.

Which headache treatment is right for me?

At Liberty Pain Associates, Dr. Bhandari offers both conventional and interventional treatments for headaches. Your treatment plan may include:

Botox® injections

Botox is a neuromodulator that temporarily paralyzes muscle movement. Dr. Bhandari can inject the medication into your forehead, temples, or neck muscles to relieve headaches.


Cefaly is an FDA-cleared device to treat migraine pain. The device adheres to your forehead and releases electric stimulation to provide relief without mediation.

Medication management

Dr. Bhandari provides medication management to track and monitor your headache and migraine medications.

Occipital Nerve Block

An occipital nerve block involves injecting corticosteroid medication and an anesthetic into the space surrounding your occipital nerve to relieve irritation and pain.

Radiofrequency nerve ablation

If a damaged or irritated nerve is causing your chronic headaches, radiofrequency ablation can heat the tissue around the nerve endings to alleviate pain.

Call Liberty Pain Associates today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about headache treatments.